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Steps to take in tracking a lost pet

Losing a pet is a frightening experience, but microchips will help in tracking a lost pet more quickly. Although microchips do not include real-time monitoring, they do increase the chances of pets being reunited with their owners. This makes them an investment worth making.

tracking a lost pet

Don’t forget to microchip!

A microchip will benefit anyone who encounters your pet in determining who it belongs to. You must keep your recorded contact information current. You may also try using GPS tracking, which allows you to pinpoint your pet’s exact location.

Enter your pet’s serial number on the website of the micro-chipping company.

Using a service like if you’re not sure which provider to go with.

If you need more details, contact the veterinarian who injected the chip.

Ask vets, shelters, and animal welfare organizations if they’ve scanned any pets with similar characteristics as yours.

Using GPS to Locate a Lost Dog

Some of the top-rated pet GPS trackers have a Geo-fencing feature that warns you if your pet leaves a it’s safe zone. These GPS tracking systems include a SIM card that has been activated, batteries, and a yearly subscription fee.

In most cases it’s pricey, but given how quickly a good GPS tracker will help you locate a lost pet, it’s certainly an investment worth considering.

Sending out lost pet alerts is a good idea

Never underestimate the importance of local groups. This includes people coming together to achieve a common purpose, such as reuniting missing pets with their owners. Also some websites and mobile apps help link pet owners all over the world. This allows them to share and distribute knowledge about every missing or found pet. These sites or apps are simple to use and they include useful resources that assist you in your quest for finding a missing pet.

There are other steps to take in tracking a lost pet, we’ve mentioned just a few. Here you can read more on why you need to get a pet in the first place.

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