Prestige Pets Africa

Our dependable Pet Handling associates provide services that ensure you and your pet get reunited in the best means possible.

Our Services

 We are very much aware that your pet equals your
world, therefore we treat him or her with love, as you would. Help us determine how to go about
this as we ship them to your preferred destination

Door to Door

 We offer door to door pet transportation through our specially adopted
relocation package. A pet van will pick your pet from your home, hotel, friends place
etc. and deliver them to an address of your choice. Pets well being is the utmost priority
hence we offer a pleasant trip while facilitating your own


 Just like us humans, our pets should have identification documents that
prove who they are. We help in providing microchip papers, vaccination papers,
medical history, emergency contact info, recent photograph etc. This helps in times they
get lost or injured

Customs Clearance

 As you move your pet around the world to required destination,
cargo must be cleared on arrival in any country. Prestige Pets Africa coordinates prior
pet’s clearance using relevant documents. This helps minimize clearance time once your
pet arrives. Our team therefore takes them to our staycation addresses for post-flight
care and accommodation where they can relax, have a meal and water, as they await

Import and Export

We do Pet Import and Export In and From Kenya and around the world and ensure your pets are safe during transit

Pet Transportation

Our specially adapted relocation vehicles ensure comfort, safety and
security for your pet as we move them around

IATA approved kennels

 Once for book pet relocation with us, we coordinate with
IATA to provide pet kennels that are suitable for your flurry’s specification just in case
you do not have a container for them


With over 10 years of experience, we assure you professionalism in how we handle your pet(s)

We walk with you and your furry every step of the way till you get reunited !!


Most frequent questions and answers

We have specialized in pet relocation worldwide. We make sure you and yours get reunited through the best means.

We have IATA approved pet kennels which ensure comfort during transit and once your pet arrives at your preferred destination we treat him as you would until pick up.

If transit will happen during the night, yes, he/she will spend the night in the transit box. But we assure you that it is a very comfortable kennel. Once they arrive to destination, we let them stretch as the have a meal and receive a lot of love before they are delivered to you.

At the moment we can only provide collars with trackers. Soon we’ll upgrade the tracking service and we’ll provide all types of trackers.

Good question!! It depends with the size. At the moment we have a limit to size, but you can get in touch with us and let’s have a chat and see how we can help you.